severe acquired brain injury case study

“I was so devastated because I thought she won’t get the chance to enjoy her maternity. Now she can spend every minute with our baby girl.”

– Family member of Mrs E

Mrs. E was admitted to Askham Court for a period of 12 weeks’ rehabilitation after suffering a stroke whilst 39 weeks pregnant. The baby was subsequently delivered by emergency C-section. Mrs. E engaged in a mixed package of therapy including Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Psychology.

On admission to Askham Court, Mrs. E was unable to weight-bear, and could only verbalise 2 words, due to severe jargon aphasia. Mrs. E had right sided weakness and difficulty communicating basic needs. Mrs. E required assistance for all aspects of personal care.

At the end of Mrs. E’s period of rehabilitation at Askham Rehab, Mrs. E was able to walk independently with a walking stick, complete the majority of her personal care independently, verbalise approximately 20 words in a structured setting and effectively communicate using aids such as a whiteboard and mobile phone. Mrs. E also has some range and movement in her right arm and is able to interact with her baby and adapt ways to care for her such as changing her nappy and feeding.

Mrs. E began showing independence in other areas also, being able to do the washing up and watering the plants around the unit. Mrs. E returned home with partner and baby, with support from a personal assistant during partners working hours.

See below measurable outcomes from the Functional Assessment Measure (FIM + FAM) that was completed on admission and discharge.

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