severe acquired brain injury case study

“I’m doing more things – I didn’t bother before and I spent all my time in bed. The equipment there is good too, all the new stuff they have, as well as the arm bike and leg bike that I now use regularly. I’m now spending time out of my room every day which I wasn’t before.”

– Mr A

Mr A was admitted to Askham for 12 weeks’ rehabilitation after suffering a stroke. His rehab included physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.

On admission to Askham Mr A was found to be very disoriented and in a highly confused state. Mr A experienced particular difficulty with word finding and memory recall, to the extent that he did not recognise or remember family members or names and could not recall past events.

Mr A needed assistance from two carers for all personal care needs and he required a hoist and assistance from two carers in order to transfer. Following the 12 weeks of rehabilitation, Mr A is able to walk unaided, hold a conversation with minimal prompts, remember events and recognise family. He still at times became confused but this had greatly improved using the strategies put in place.

Since his discharge, Mr A has been back to visit Askham and informed staff that he is able to ride his bike again and go swimming. He has taken up gardening and enjoys going for long walks with family. Mr A is now planning a holiday abroad with his family. His 12 week rehabilitation set him on a sustainable path of continuous improvement. Well done Mr A!

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