severe acquired brain injury case study

“When the lockdown was announced, I was even more frustrated, as I knew that my rehabilitation journey came to an end. Thanks to the Askham rehab team, the progress was still visible, even if I couldn’t enjoy the face to face sessions anymore!’

– Mrs M

Mrs M was admitted to Askham Rehab following a stroke (subarachnoid haemorrhage). Mrs M was a stay at home mum and before her stroke was completely independent across all aspects of daily living.

Upon arrival, Mrs M was mobilising in an attendant operated wheelchair and was transferring with the assistance of two people using a mo-lift. Mrs M was able to eat meals independently but required the assistance of one for all personal care needs. Mrs M had dense right sided weakness in both upper and lower limbs as a result of her stroke.

Within the first couple of weeks, Mrs M was mobilising with a walking stick around the Unit, and engaging positively in intensive Speech and Language therapy sessions, as well as working on her meal prep and personal care routine with Occupational Therapy.

Alongside direct therapy sessions with the disciplines, Mrs M also began attending the Understanding Brain Injury group weekly, where she was supported by the SALT team to engage in conversation with her peers using written words. Mrs M was able to listen to other individuals who had all gone through a similar experience, and was also able to learn more about her brain injury to help with adjustment to life after a stroke.

When COVID-19 hit, and Askham went into lockdown, the MDT grew concerned for Mrs M progress with rehabilitation due to the protocols of no visitors on site, and weekend visits being stopped, so the decision was made with Mrs M, her husband and the MDT, that Mrs. M would return home and receive therapy remotely via Zoom.

Mrs M began receiving therapy via Zoom, with progress still being made. Mrs M engaged in mirror box therapy for her upper limb function with Occupational Therapy, and was also supplied with a Saeboglove to help improve motor functioning.

Mrs M still at times can become frustrated, especially in conversation, however with the support of her family around her, as well as the support from the Rehab Team at Askham, and with the help of modern day technology, Mrs M has been able to return home to her young family and continue to make solid progress.

See below measurable outcomes from the Functional Assessment Measure (FIM + FAM) that was completed on admission and discharge.

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