severe acquired brain injury case study

“Being able to use his hands to feed himself is a great step forward. We were struggling a lot with everything, but thanks to the Askham team, things got smoother. We are so happy for him. He really enjoys the independence he gained.”

– Family member of Mr D

Mr D came to Askham Court after contracting pneumococcal meningitis causing extensive bilateral cerebral infarcts. Mr D often displayed challenging behaviour towards others in the form of shouting and occasionally spitting. Mr D received input from physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, psychology and occupational therapy.

On admission Mr D was in a manual wheelchair, unable to use his hands, and was unable to weight-bear. Mr D struggled to manage his internal emotions, and presented as highly anxious. Mr D also had poor attention and information processing.

At present, Mr D can manage his emotions more effectively and has been involved in daily monitoring of his mood from the psychology team. Mr D is now able to use his hands to feed himself and to pick up a drink. Mr D now has a motorised wheelchair which has given him more independence. Mr D has also started weight bearing and walking short distances with a frame with assistance of two during physiotherapy sessions.

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