severe acquired brain injury case study

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw him after his first few weeks at Askham. A whole new person! Motivated and excited to keep re-learning how to look after himself again.”

Friend of Mr C

Mr C came to Askham for rehabilitation after suffering a stroke.

On admission he was unable to weight-bear and had left sided weakness with limited movement in his left arm. He also had left side visual neglect.

Mr C needed assistance of two carers for all transfers, hoisting and all personal care. Mr C had significant immediate memory problems but could speak fluently. He needed prompting to remember his left sided visual field and to turn his head regularly to check he had finished meals.

With the help of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy, psychology and occupational therapy, Mr C was eventually able to weight bear and walk with a frame, climb up and down stairs and complete car transfers with assistance of one person, use memory cues, for example diaries, and regain more insight in to his limitations.

Mr C gained confidence in showering and completing all his personal care, preparing and cooking meals with assistance of one person only. Mr C was able to concentrate for longer periods of time to read and write for pleasure. Mr C went home to live with his family, which was his main goal.

See below measurable outcomes from the Functional Assessment Measure (FIM + FAM) that was completed on admission and discharge.

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