Driven by the ethos of Askham Village Community, here at Askham Rehab we highly believe that life is for living, so we need to enjoy each opportunity. In everything that we do, we are driven by our passion to make everyone feel comfortable. 

From the gardens which offer a sensory stimulation to the rooms specially designed considering our patients’ needs, our community offers the best accommodation for the ones who stay with us for shorter or longer periods of time.

Across the seven acres, Askham truly is a a unique village community. That is why we made sure we offer our patients and visitors a number of recreational activities, being out of home but still on site, such as the world gardens, the delicious food and the annual events, such as the fayres.

We recognise that hospitality will mean something different to everyone who spends time at Askham, and we want to make you as comfortable as possible. We encourage all residents to contribute to our menus and to the range of activities being planned so that there truly is something for everyone.

Our facilities

Sensory gardens

Whether you prefer to follow meandering paths, or sit quietly at your window and watch the butterflies, the Askham Gardens bring a sense of relaxation that can not be achieved through any other means.

The central courtyard is Askham’s very own char bagh, quadrants separated by streams of water running towards a central fountain thereby representing aspects of what some believe to have been present in the gardens of paradise.

The studies behind horticultural therapy suggest that quality of life is increased manifold with proximity to nature. At Askham the interaction between buildings, people, and the gardens is based on this same thinking. The gardens are open to the public as well as all being enjoyed by all members of our community. In the quiet serenity you may hear residents, their families and friends and staff chit chatting, enjoying the expanse of the courtyard or simply trying to work out which plant comes from where?

When the weather permits, the landscaped gardens become an extension to the café.

En-suite rooms

At Askham, we are welcoming people from overseas to come and stay with us for rehabilitation. We have the facilities to accommodate and treat people with a wide range of conditions, and programmes in place to ensure those staying with us will receive structured, high-quality care with a holistic approach.

Our apartments are designed with ample space in mind for optimum comfort, and have access to our surrounding gardens.

If needed and if deemed clinically appropriate, relatives can stay on site too.


Delicious food

At Askham, we take care of our patients’ needs and tastes when it comes to conceiving our delicious menus. 

All our menus are prepared on-site by our chef and, apart from taking care of the food quality, we also take heed of the swallowing abilities of the different people that come to us.

Our hospitality services are completed by the Askham CaféThe  unique environment of the Askham Café, is rapidly becoming a hub for all social interaction! Used by both the residents and their family/friends; whilst staff can also take time out to just relax and mix with others.

Community feeling

We believe life is for living, so our facility has been purposefully set up to maximise the opportunities to enjoy it to the fullest! Both residents and the public can come to Askham and make the most of what we have together in an open public environment. Interaction with the community is essential and we encourage this at Askham.



What Our Clients Say

“He’s a new man. Thanks to the Askham rehab team, we now have the husband, father and grandfather we knew before he became ill, we know that he still has a little way to go, but we are so amazed at the progress he has made at Askham.”

Family member of Mr G, Herpes Simplex Encephalitis patient

“Thanks to Askham rehab team, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement. We know she’s now back to us again because she started to become more of her cheeky self again…”

Family of Miss J, Brain injury patient

“Without coming to Askham she wouldn’t be where she is today, everyone has been so friendly and helpful it’s an amazing place.”

Family member of Mrs B, stroke patient

Find out more about Askham Rehab

If you would like to learn more about the work we do at Askham Rehab, why not drop us a message and have a chat with one of our team of dedicated professionals.