The Effects of our Work

In order to measure progress throughout your rehabilitation journey, we use a number of outcome measures, specific to each individual’s need.

An ‘outcome measure’ is the result of a test that is used to assess your capabilities. Prior to undergoing rehabilitation, we shall assess your baseline functions. Once your journey is then complete, we shall repeat these tests, comparing results to determine progress and assess the efficacy of your treatment.

At Askham Rehab, we work towards Evidence Based Practice (EBP) which we believe to be the best way to support you in achieving your goals. EBP is the combination of research evidence, best clinical expertise and patient values to produce the best results for your rehabilitation. The recorded data is then submitted, anonymously, to the UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative (UKROC) to help further support best practice across the industry.

When it comes to the true value of our work, we believe the best outcomes are when you achieve your goal of taking those first steps, driving your car once more, or making a phone call with a friend. Whatever your goal is – big or small – our goal is to support you to reach yours.

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Measuring the Value of our Work

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