Case Studies

As we start with a complex system of outcome measures in order to monitor the initial stage, the progress and then the final results, our case studies offer the more sympathetic approach on these rigid numbers.

Our case studies are based on an honest and detailed discussion with our patients while also taking into consideration their progress. On each step of the rehabilitation journey, we rely on the feedback our patients provide us with in order to make their stories successful in the end. This is helping us to make our services better and better with each new patient.

While they see the progress they make with their own eyes, the fact that the loved ones also observe it is a key element in their rehabilitation journey. We are here to present you those successful stories so that you know how numbers are transformed into people with more independence and ambition.


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Brian’s Story

After suffering an abdominal aortic aneurysm, Brian was left with no movement in his left leg and limited movement in his right following a life-changing aneurysm. Being a former judo instructor, he was used to pushing his body to the limit and managed to use this in his favour: his ambition guided him a lot in his journey towards walking independently again.

In a matter of months, our rehab team helped him to get back on his feet again, even though this rehabilitation journey has tested his physical and mental guise to the limit.

Watch the video or read his tremendous story here.

Isabel’s Story

After suffering a stroke, Isabel’s life has completely changed; however, thanks to all the support she has received from her friends, family and our specialist rehabilitation team, she has been able to realise how far she has come and, thus, has motivated her to continue her rehab journey, even after being discharged.

57-year-old former bus driver and mother of three from Cambridgeshire, Isabel Purcell suffered a life-changing bleed on the brain in July 2022.

Isabel, who was very active before her stroke, was referred to Askham Rehab for an initial 8 weeks and since discharge, now attends its outpatient service to fulfil her ongoing rehab goals. Since joining the progressive and personable community, she has come on leaps and bounds — overcoming the challenges of being restricted to full use in just one arm and leg.

Watch the video or read her wonderful story here.

Josh’s Story

Josh, a 26-year-old radio presenter from Huntingdon, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour at just two years old. This subsequently affected his central nervous system and, as a result, he became a wheelchair user from the age of 12. As his condition progressed throughout his adolescence, his passion for radio grew – and he proceeded to work as a presenter on his university’s radio station, in addition to other local broadcast roles.

However, after becoming a radio presenter for a local community station in 2011, Josh’s tumour caused respiratory complications – and consequently, he had to step away from presenting and move into a producing role. This, however, was short-lived; in 2018, Josh caught pneumonia – which left him needing six months of intensive care.

Upon entering our rehabilitation centre, Joshua found it challenging to talk at length and articulate words, due to becoming breathless. Additionally, he was only able to sit independently outside the constraints of his wheelchair for a short period of time before needing assistance.

Watch the video or read his story here.

Hajrah’s story

35 weeks pregnant – and COVID-19 positive – Hajrah Aslam gave birth to a beautiful baby boy just hours before falling into a six-week induced coma.

Following the birth, Hajrah’s oxygen levels dropped dangerously low from the virus – but thanks to a specialist neuro rehab therapy programme, she is now cradling her new-born son once again.

Hajrah, a 28-year-old insurer, caught coronavirus in January 2021 which subsequently led to complications and her baby having to be delivered by C-section. On the same night she gave birth to Huzayfah, Hajrah was put in an induced coma to help relieve her lungs after the virus caused her oxygen levels to drop significantly.

After waking from her coma, Hajrah joined us at Askham Rehab in April to begin her recovery – a journey she describes as the hardest thing she’s ever had to overcome in her life.

Watch the video or read her story here.

Herbert’s story

A Royal Air Force veteran of 12 years, 85-year-old Herbert’s inspiring past saw him deploy to Cyprus, Australia, Pakistan and Singapore throughout his career.

On New Years’ Eve 2020, Herbert unexpectedly suffered a fall – and, subsequently, a subarachnoid haemorrhage that caused a bleed between his brain and skull.

The severity of his injury left Herbert extremely fatigued and resulted in muscle weakness that restricted his mobility.

His extraordinary response to treatment from our multidisciplinary team of therapists, combined with the inspiring support from his son and two grandchildren, means that Herbert is almost ready to return to his home in Littleport.

Watch the video or read his story here.

justin’s story

Justin Urquhart, a 59-year-old from King’s Lynn, joined us for rehabilitation following degeneration injuries in his neck and lower spine. In 2020, his injuries developed into an infection, which severely hampered his mobility.

In addition to cervical spinal stenosis (the narrowing of the neck area of the upper spine, subsequently putting pressure on spinal nerves), Justin suffered discitis in the two lowest vertebrae of his lumbar spine (L4 and L5). The inflammation between the intervertebral discs led to the bacterial infection that caused Justin’s loss of mobility.

Watch the video or read his story here.

Philip’s story

Philip Haines, an 88-year-old former secretary to the Anglican Diocese of Peterborough, underwent an intensive 16-week rehabilitation programme at our rehab centre which enabled him to regain mobility on his left side, following a stroke in October 2020.

Caused by a blood clot which starved a portion of his brain of oxygen, the stroke – professionally known as a cerebral infarction – left Philip with dense left hemiplegia, meaning he was unable to move his left arm and leg. While the blood clot was successfully removed, the stroke caused Philip to have cognitive challenges and difficulty in swallowing.

Philip came to Askham Rehab from Peterborough City Hospital in November, where he was assessed by our multidisciplinary team and set clear goals, before being put on a specialist four-month programme specific to his needs.

Watch the video or read his story here.

Hayley’s story

Having suffered the effects of one of the world’s rarest neurological conditions, Hayley spent eight days in an induced coma, before being referred to our rehab centre to begin her recovery.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or GBS, is a neurological condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves. This can cause trouble with motor coordination, (i.e. balance), muscle weakness, numbness and walking difficulties. Whilst it can be a life-threatening condition, it can be treated, and most people will make a full recovery.

Being such a rare condition, it is not fully understood why the immune system mistakenly attacks the nerves – but the condition often occurs following infection. In Hayley’s case, it’s believed to have been caused by a common cold she suffered in August 2020.

Before her admission to us, 44-year-old Hayley had spent three months in an intensive care unit, in which she required mechanical ventilation with a tracheostomy.

Watch the videos or read her story here.

David’s story

A former Wisbech carpenter, he was tragically involved in a serious road traffic collision in 2017.

The accident, which involved David’s car hitting a lorry in the Fenland District, left him with a diffuse axonal brain injury – one of the most dangerous types of head injuries. David had to have an at-scene amputation of his right arm just above the elbow.

Admitted to our rehab centre from a Level 1 rehabilitation unit in 2018, David arrived in a prolonged disorder of consciousness, where he was unable to engage in therapy sessions or make eye contact with others.

Watch the video or read his story here.

Jasmin and Rachael’s story

Askham Village Community welcomed a married couple, Rachael and Jasmin Evans, to its Doddington site where Jasmin received rehabilitative treatment following a severe brain aneurysm and two strokes, which left her speechless, partially blind and practically immobile.

Arriving a little over ten weeks ago, the couple are now preparing to leave following an extensive programme with Askham Rehab that saw the pair move into an apartment onsite, as part of the rehabilitative journey. She was given a weekly timetable that covered seven days a week and included one-on-one therapy sessions with all four of Askham’s disciplines; speech and language, occupational, physio and psychology.

Having Jasmin at the centre of the rehabilitation programme – a core ethos at Askham – allowed Rachael to be incorporated into the sessions that included group activities too.

Watch the video or read their story here.

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