Robotic-led rehabilitation

Our robotic-led rehabilitation uses a life-changing strategy that helps our patients recover at an incredible rate. 


The below case studies offer a mere glimpse of how our new robotic and sensor-assisted equipment has transformed the care we offer. It is wonderful to see our patients recover at a faster rate, and return to a state of normality that allows them to continue living independently.

The integration of our new technology has, so far, created amazing success stories amongst our patients.


Simon Robinson

One example is that of 56-year-old Simon Robinson, who sought our help after sustaining a C6 (affecting the cord near the base of the neck) incomplete spinal cord injury, following a road collision.

Using Tyromotion’s Omego Plus to assist Simon’s recovery, we were able to help him complete sessions for lower limb function, whilst also facilitating sessions on the Amadeo to help with his hand movement. His care plan also involved the use of the Myro, which assisted with perception and bilateral upper limb movement.

Aside from using the robotic equipment, Simon’s treatment also consisted of hands-on therapy via physiotherapy and occupational therapy, where he worked on transfers, weight-bearing, and functional activities, such as food and drink preparation.

Following his treatment at our rehabilitation accommodation, we are delighted that Simon is now able to independently flat-level transfer, and is self-sufficient with all personal care, food preparation and house-hold chores.


Chris Taylor

48-year-old Chris Taylor, another of our Rehab patients, suffered an extensive left-sided stroke in early 2019. As well as undergoing physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and aquatic therapy as part of his rehabilitation, Chris also completed sessions on the Amadeo for controlling hand spasticity, increased tone, and decreased tissue length.

Chris had high repetition for joint mobility within his hand, including specific joints in certain fingers. Our staff were able to progress his stretching regime via the Amadeo, and provide a splint that would allow him to continue his exercises. Chris is now transferring using a standing aid and the assistance of two people, but is able to stand independently with his aid. His rapid progression is continuing with the further assistance of Tyromotion’s Myro and Pablo, where he is stepping and working on function of movement with his entire upper limb.


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