Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) can be a debilitating injury usually caused by an accident. The spinal cord, which passes through and is protected by the spine, is the pathway that enables communication between the brain and almost all parts of the body. Depending upon the severity of the injury and where along the spine it occurs, the symptomatic impact will vary from person to person.

In the majority of cases, once initial impact and injury has been assessed and stabilised, a structured reablement programme will allow improvement to mobility, independence and for inpatients, the potential for a quicker return to home.

spinal cord case study


What Our Clients Say

“Thanks to Askham rehab team, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement. We know she’s now back to us again because she started to become more of her cheeky self again”

Family of Miss J, Brain Injury Patient

“You gave me my life and independence back. I’m feeling a lot more positive now. Nights are easier to cope with and days are very busy, doing everything that I enjoy. I’m so satisfied that you helped me prove the doctors in hospital wrong!”

Mr K, Spinal Injury Patient

“I’m doing more things – I didn’t bother before and I spent all my time in bed. The equipment there is good too, all the new stuff they have, as well as the arm bike and leg bike that I now use regularly. I’m now spending time out of my room every day which I wasn’t before.”

Mr A, Stroke Patient

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