Occupational Therapy

The role of our occupational therapy team is to support and encourage each individual to live as independently as possible. Completing an in-depth holistic assessment of your needs, our occupational therapists will first establish your ability to complete everyday tasks as part of a normal daily routine. The assessments evaluate physical, cognitive, perceptual, and emotional dimensions, combined with your other important roles, such as mother, and employee. Our team will work collaboratively with you and the wider multi-disciplinary team to set person-centred, meaningful goals which are achievable and realistic for the length of your rehabilitation stay at Askham.

We then identify if you will benefit from moving into one of our fully-assisted, transitional living flats at Askham as a step towards leaving Askham. This can involve use of telecare, assistive technology, and other assistive equipment.

Alongside the MDT, our occupational therapists can work with you and your family to decide upon which discharge location is most suitable to meet your longer term housing needs. This may involve coordinating referrals to other agencies, such as the Wheelchair Service and/or community rehabilitation teams, and adult social care, to meet your future needs, post-discharge from Askham. Our occupational therapy team also complete comprehensive, detailed progress and discharge reports, once you have finished your journey with us and achieved your desired goals.

spinal cord case study


What Our Clients Say

“Thanks to Askham rehab team, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement. We know she’s now back to us again because she started to become more of her cheeky self again”

Family of Miss J, Brain Injury Patient

“You gave me my life and independence back. I’m feeling a lot more positive now. Nights are easier to cope with and days are very busy, doing everything that I enjoy. I’m so satisfied that you helped me prove the doctors in hospital wrong!”

Mr K, Spinal Injury Patient

“I’m doing more things – I didn’t bother before and I spent all my time in bed. The equipment there is good too, all the new stuff they have, as well as the arm bike and leg bike that I now use regularly. I’m now spending time out of my room every day which I wasn’t before.”

Mr A, Stroke Patient

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